collaboration and service

Just a few ways I help you get your business in order

  • Creating protocols, processes and documentation for consistency and streamlining, so you can address problems and questions before they come up
  • Recommending software, services or apps that can help take some of your load
  • Making your onboarding for new employees robust, seamless and fast to get them up and running
  • Performing reconciliation audits of bank accounts, payables and receivables to get your books and files back on track
  • Shepherding you through jurisdictional red tape for local filings, employment requirements and new business setup
  • Exploring and reviewing vendors and service providers to meet your specific needs, while you focus on the bigger picture
  • Looking for gaps in your processes and systems and helping you close them
  • Studying and reporting on Income Statement trends to help you identify inefficiencies
  • And much more – let’s talk!