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How it starts

I’m happy to provide a 30 minute consultation. I’ll learn a little about who you are, what you do, what you need, and what you want to accomplish.

How to prepare:

Questions I’ll ask

Where do you do business? Do you have employees?
Are you satisfied with your human resources process?
Are your expectations and documentation clear?

What sort of business are you in?
Do you have industry concerns about compliance,
standards or regulations? Do you need help with any
of these?

What are your technology systems – apps, services,
software, CRM? Is anything slowing you down?
Is anything simply not working out?

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Goal setting

Next we’ll move on to what your “big picture problem” is, what your immediate need is, and what you want your long-term goal to be. We’ll identify your short term goals that must be addressed first, and then we’ll discuss your timeline and budget. Finally, I’ll provide a proposal with scope of services and a list of resources I’ll need to get started.